A Strong Formwork Starts With TunnelCore®

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The TunnelCore® formwork ply sheet is designed to comply with all Australian safety standards, making it a trusted product used by all formworkers. Its easy-to-use and strong performance in various applications makes it an effective and cost-efficient formwork solution.

Why TunnelCore®?

  • Various Thickness: Our corrugated plastic polypropylene comes in various thicknesses and sizes and is suited for multiple formwork structures.
  • 100% recyclable: The TunnelCore® virgin and recycled TunnelCore® panel is 100% recyclable, ensuring we meet all environmental standards.
  • Various colours: TunnelCore® products come in translucent, black, white and any colour of your choice.
  • Durable: Our formwork ply is puncture-resistant. We are able to customise the specifications of our corrugated plastic polypropylene for any formwork use
  • Versatile: Design your formwork how you want it. TunnelCore® products are available in rolls, sheets, and boards and can be cut with a builder’s knife or scissors. They are also highly flexible and bendable.
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TunnelCore® Formwork Is Widely Used in the Following Industries


  • Suitable alternative to concrete garden edging
  • Garden protection
  • Cost effective alternative to precast concrete lawn edging
  • Available in a variety of colours for garden use

Building and Construction

  • Formwork for pad foundation
  • Beam formwork to reduce rising damp
  • Waterproof protection for building sites
  • Noise reduction for construction sites
  • Suitable replacement for wooden and concrete formwork
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