Protective PP Flute Board Wall Coverings.

Whether it’s a small painting project or a bigger-scale renovation, TunnelCore® wall coverings keep your walls, ceilings, and floors covered – protecting your most valuable assets. Get the right wall covering panels for your next project with our range of exterior and interior wall covering.
The bendable UV 8mm TunnelCore

Privacy Translucent Wall Coverings

Need extra privacy for your car, windows, or home? Choose our translucent range of wall coverings for maximum privacy while keeping the area bright. TunnelCore® wall coverings are lightweight, and can be customised as decorative wall coverings, making them an effective choice as privacy screens.

Why TunnelCore®?

  • Various Thickness: Our PP flute board wall covering sheets are available in various thicknesses and sizes, suitable for various uses and industries.
  • 100% recyclable: The TunnelCore® virgin and recycled TunnelCore® panel is 100% recyclable, ensuring we meet all environmental standards.
  • Various colours: TunnelCore® products are available in translucent, black, white, and any colour of your choice, making them highly suitable as decorative wall coverings.
  • Durable: Our wall covering panels are  puncture-resistant. We are able to customise the specifications of our products for any type of use.
  • Versatile: Design your wall coverings how you want it. TunnelCore® products are available in rolls, sheets, and boards and can be cut with a builder’s knife or scissors. They are also highly flexible and bendable.
wall coverings

TunnelCore® Is Applicable to Many Industries


  • Window and wall privacy
  • Home renovation protection
  • Temporary window protection
  • Protects from water, and dirt
  • Noise reduction wall covering sheet
  • Home and office partitions
  • Gate cover for privacy

Advertising and Display

  • Decorative wall covering before product launches
  • Customisable as safety and road signages
  • Easy-to-use with permanent market
  • Protects marketing and advertising assets
  • Low costs external and internal wall coverings for business


  • Greenhouse wall protection
  • Protective solution for hothouses
  • Durable wall covering that withstands weather conditions
  • Easy-to-install retaining walls for outdoor gardens
  • Garden and plants partitions

Building and Construction

  • Formwork for building sites
  • Waterproof protection for building sites
  • Noise reduction for construction sites
  • Suitable replacement for wooden and concrete formwork
  • Window lining and wall coverings
  • Temporary floor and glass protection
  • Temporary floor and glass protection
Have questions about the TunnelCore® wall coverings? We’re here to help.