Get Translucent Glass Privacy Without The Costs

translucent glass

As good as translucent glass for windows and walls

Whether you require privacy for a building site or looking to cover an existing marketing display, TunnelCore® has got you covered. Our translucent corrugated sheets are weather-resistant, and waterproof, giving you privacy and protection from the elements.

The TunnelCore® range of products is also highly suited as a temporary glass replacement. Its easy-to-cut and flexible customisation features make it an effortless option for replacing broken glasses or windows.

Why TunnelCore®?

  • Various Thickness: Our PP flute board wall covering sheets are available in multiple thicknesses and sizes, and are suitable for various uses and industries.
  • 100% recyclable: The TunnelCore® virgin and recycled TunnelCore® panel is 100% recyclable, ensuring we meet all environmental standards.
  • Various colours: In addition to translucent, TunnelCore® products are available in black, white, and any colour of your choice, making them highly suitable as decorative covers.
  • Durable: Our corrugated sheets are  puncture-resistant, making them an excellent replacement for semi-translucent and electric translucent glass.
  • Versatile: Customise your boards exactly how you want it. TunnelCore® products are available in rolls, sheets, and boards, and can be cut with a builders knife or scissors. It’s easier than ever to turn it into a translucent glass window of any size.

Recommended Product: TunnelCore® Translucent Sheet

  • Size: 2250mm x 1220mm x 8mm
  • Weather-resistant
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor projects
  • Easy to cut with a box cutter
  • Impact-resistant, lightweight, waterproof, and bendable
  • Eco-friendly, and recyclable

TunnelCore® Is Applicable to Many Industries


  • Window and wall privacy
  • Home and office renovation privacy and protection
  • Broken window privacy
  • Protects from water,  and dirt
  • Noise reduction capabilities
  • Home and office partitions and privacy
  • Temporary window and office privacy

Advertising and Display

  • Decorative privacy covering before product launches
  • Customisable as safety and road signages
  • Protects marketing and advertising assets
  • Low costs translucent glass and window alternative


  • Greenhouse wall protection and privacy
  • Weather-resistant conditions
  • Easy-to-install for outdoor gardens
  • Garden and plants privacy
Don’t spend a fortune on frosted translucent glass. Shop the better alternative at TunnelCore®