Tunnelcore® corrugated plastic board manufacturers and suppliers

TunnelCore® corrugated plastic sheets manufacture and supply multipurpose utility plastic sheets.

TunnelCore® is eco friendly, recycled and used in a wide variety of industries. Some of the most common uses for TunnelCore® exist the Building and Construction as well as Shelving and Packaging industry.

We supply our products worldwide from our manufacturing facility in China.

Some of our partners include Bunnings Warehouse with branches in Australia and New Zealand.

TunnelCore® is water resistant and non toxic making it useful for food transportation boxes and crates and pet friendly enclosures.

Some of the other utility purposes of TunnelCore® include:

  • Gardening and Retaining walls
  • Personal projects and DIY crafts

For over 20 years our factory has been supplying utility materials to industries worldwide.

Panels Shapes and Sizes

TunnelCore® plastic panels come in different shapes and sizes. Options include different sizes and thickness. Thickness start at 8mm, 10mm and 12mm panels.

TunnelCore® panels are 2m in length and can be used to cover large surface areas like wall lining and ceiling.

TunnelCore® rolls can be installed on floors and protecting floors during renovations.

TunnelCore® Boards come in smaller lengths for personal projects, DIY and crafts.

Colours and Privacy

Whether you want to use TunnelCore® around your home or professionally. TunnelCore® sheets come in different colors and translucent for privacy windows and glass covering.

The translucent sheets are perfect for covering glass windows, framing and for added privacy glass screens.

The coloured TunnelCore® sheets are best for creating props, crafts and celebratory materials for any occasion.


Multi-purpose Utility Board

TunnelCore® has many useful and creative purposes as a temporary or economical solution for a wide variety of purposes. The sheets are $10/m making them very economical for lining walls, floors and ceiling.