Create, Build, Protect – TunnelCore® Does It

TunnelCore Polypropylene board

TunnelCore® is the fluted polypropylene innovation you have been waiting for. 

TunnelCore® offers a wide range of non-toxic, recycled, and virgin polypropylene sheets and rolls. Our products can be ordered in many colours, sizes, thicknesses, and densities. Corona finish which allows direct printing and UV treatment are also available.

Being versatile, waterproof, strong and light, TunnelCore® is ready for any task at a cost-effective price.

You can create, build, and protect with TunnelCore®! Used in construction, renovation, storage, temporary surface protection, agriculture, packaging, transport, signage, education, and DIY. TunnelCoreⓇ does it all. Consider us for your marketing projects or exhibition stands.

Did we mention that TunnelCore® offers a wide range of recycled PP sheets and rolls for your commercial construction or home renovation DIY project?

The possibilities of use are endless. Need a product to protect from the weather elements, or perhaps you need to do an emergency repair while you wait for a window installer? Consider TunnelCore® polypropylene sheets and rolls. At TunnelCore®, we pride ourselves on our $ per meter and for your ease, some of our product range can be found at most Bunnings stores across Australia.

In 2016, the founders of TunnelCore® recognised that fluted double-wall polypropylene has vast potential in many applications and decided to REINVENT THE WHEEL.

So, what’s there to lose? See you at the Sydney Building Expo – 2024. Let’s chat about those endless use opportunities or how we can support you in your next commercial or residential project.